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Silvia Aguirre Immigration Attorney


Silvia Aguirre

Certified Specialist, Immigration & Nationality Law
State Bar of California, Board of Legal Specialization
CalBar#: 254150

Silvia discovered her passion for counseling families while working during her youth with her parents, the company’s founders. She realized early on that to better serve the immigrant community she needed to become an attorney with the proper legal education and experience. Therefore she decided to further her goals and undertook the challenge to attain the needed skills and license to practice law.

Silvia earned her Bachelor in Business Administration and Management from the California State University of Long Beach where she was an active member of the Hispanic Student Business Association. She went on to attain her Law Degree from Whittier School of Law. While in Law School she furthered her experience and understanding of the legal system by interning for the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services – California Service Center, the Whittier Law School Children’s Rights Clinic and the Glendale YWCA domestic violence center.

After passing the California Bar Exam, Silvia has successfully represented Immigrants in deportation defense, family, bankruptcy, and criminal courts. She is licensed to practice before the U.S. District Court, Central District of California, and the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals. She also recently passed the Immigration Specialist exam in the State of California. Silvia continues to further her legal education by attending legal seminars, participating in the American Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA), the Los Angeles County Bar Association (LACBA), and the Mexican American Bar Association (MABA). She also participates in free legal informational forums in our local community.

J. D. Whittier School of Law
Bachelor in Business Administration and Management, CSULB

Bar Admissions and Professional Licenses
California Board of Legal Specialization – Certified Specialist, Immigration & Nationality Law
The United States District Court for the Central District of California
The United States 9th Circuit Court of Appeals

Professional Associations and Memberships
American Immigration Lawyers Association
Los Angeles County Bar Association
The Mexican American Bar Association
Stephanie Estrada Immigration Attorney at The Aguirre Law FirmStephanie Estrada
Immigration Attorney
CalBar#: 322509

Stephanie was born and raised in Los Angeles, California. Stephanie personally relates to the stories of many immigrant families seeking a better life in the United States because she is the proud daughter of immigrant parents from Mexico. Growing up in a family and community of hard working immigrants motivated Stephanie to continue her education. From an early age, she developed a passion of advocating for immigrant rights. She soon realized the immigrant community was under-served in the legal field and made it her goal to become an immigration lawyer.

Stephanie is a first generation graduate, as the first person in her family to earn a Bachelor of Science degree in political science from Arizona State University and a Juris Doctorate degree from Southwestern Law School. While in law school Stephanie completed internships at a prominent law firm in Buenos Aires, Argentina, the immigrant rights project at Public Counsel, and the Southwestern Law School Immigration Law Clinic. During her time in law school, Stephanie was also an active member of the Latino Law Students Association and served as President of the Immigration Law Students Association.

J. D. Southwestern Law School
Bachelor of Science, Arizona State University

Bar Admissions and Professional Licenses

Professional Associations and Memberships
American Immigration Lawyers Association

The Aguirre Law Firm and Staff

The Aguirre Law Firm’s goal is to continue providing the same level of service it has provided to the community since 1970. To continue the family tradition of providing professional, honest and cost effective immigration legal solutions the community can trust.

The Company first opened its doors in 1970 under the name of “Arturo Aguirre Business Service”. It was founded by Arturo Aguirre and his wife Maria Castillo-Aguirre, by immigrants for immigrants. The Company has thrived based on its commitment to providing prompt, caring, and understanding services. It has built a loyal customer base on their honest assessments of individual cases families can trust. It is what has kept clients returning and referring their families and friends for years.

In February 2010, the Company officially became The Aguirre Law Firm, a Professional Law Corporation, after Silvia Aguirre, the founder’s daughter earned her law degree. It expanded its services to offer Attorney representation and analysis for the client’s legal needs and is now able to provide greater services for our community.

Today The Aguirre Firm APC remains committed to assisting Immigrants with the same care and understanding the founders have provided since 1970. With the Founders continued insight, leadership, and example, The Aguirre Law Firm looks forward to assisting thousands of immigrants in the many years to come.


Arturo Aguirre
Arturo founded the Business in 1970 with the vision of helping the immigrant community legalize their status in the US. He knew the challenges and difficulties of new immigrants and dedicated himself to studying the ever changing legal procedures in order to help explain and successfully guide many through this legal process. The business has thrived based on his commitments to providing excellent prompt services with the utmost care and understanding. In 2006, he received the prestigious Exemplary Service award from the State of California for his extraordinary contributions to the community. Arturo also served as president of the National Association of Immigration Consultants for many years. With his many years of continuing success, he now serves as a mentor to The Aguirre Law Firm.


Raul ArteagaRaul Arteaga
Raul is the Law Firm’s Marketing and Information Systems Director. He was born in El Salvador and immigrated to the United States at the age of ten. He faced adversity but overcame and earned his Bachelor degree in Interactive Design. He brings over 6 years of experience in his field. He has the passion to assist immigrants find the resources they need to succeed in attaining legal status in the U.S. He knows and understands the great need families have to find the trustworthy and affordable services. Raul is also Silvia’s husband and together they make a formidable team sharing the same passions and goals.


Case Assistants

Maria Aguirre
Maria has been one of the principal leaders for the business with Arturo. She has equally devoted herself to assisting many immigrants legalize their status in and outside the United States. She brings over 40 years experience of provided exceptional and caring services. She continues to be a key asset to our team by supervising and setting an example for true dedication and passion to help the community. She sets a high bar for excellence and is an inspiration to us all. She is also a caring, supportive, and motivating wife and mother.


Salvador Martinez Case Manager at The Aguirre Law FirmSalvador Martinez
Salvador immigrated to the United States from Mexico when he was only 2 years of age. He knows firsthand the struggles immigrant families go through. On June 15, 2012 DACA opened many doors to young adults including Salvador’s. As a DACA recipient, Salvador attempts to help the immigrant community go through their immigration process as painless as possible. Salvador not only relates to the undocumented immigrants, he knows what it feels like to have one’s humanity stripped off by this administration for being a Mexican immigrant, person of color and LGBT member.

Salvador knows the importance of family and education and is currently pursuing his BA in Computer Engineering with a minor in Business Administration. He hopes that his continued development, as an immigration case worker at The Aguirre Law Firm, is able to help as many people as possible before opening his next chapter in life.


Grace Peña Case Assistant at The Aguirre Law FirmGrace Peña
Grace was born and raised in the US from parents of German and Guatemalan decent. Grace found one of her passions, the passion for helping others, in 2013 when she started her career in the legal field, she quickly learned about immigration law, which captured her attention and decided to learn and help as much she could.

Grace takes great pride to learn and study all her cases individually to learn as much as she can about her clients to help them as thoroughly and accurately as possible.
Grace has been educated in classical music/opera at Hope International University and holds 3 bachelors – Vocal Performance, Conducting and Worship arts and a Minor in Biblical Studies. Music is one of Grace’s other passions. She is now seeking her paralegal certification to further help her career and to better help our clients.


Stephanie Ramirez Case Assistant at The Aguirre Law FirmStephanie Ramirez
Stephanie was first introduced to immigration 4 years ago as a receptionist for an immigration law firm. She became interested when she saw how she could be making more of a difference in people’s lives and how she could more help others. She is passionate about helping our clients in getting legal status or find a form of relief to make their lives better and to feel safe in the US. Stephanie was born from Salvadorian immigrant parents and knows the struggles of an immigrant first hand and it is a driving force for her to help as many and as much as she can.


Juan IslasJuan Islas
Juan was born and raised in the San Fernando Valley, in LA County. Juan discovered his passion was assisting and offering resources to people while he was working alongside the city council member in his district. His passion was further reinforced while he worked as a community organizer in which he empowered individuals throughout LA county to have a voice. In 2019, he decided that his passion would be best suited in the Immigration field.
Juan graduated from Cal State Northridge with a B.A in Sociology with a specialty in Criminal Justice. He aspires to pursue a higher education, in hoping that he can further assist his community. As a first generation American, Juan experienced a lack of role models while growing up. His GOAL is to inspire new leaders and to be a mentor for future generations.


German LagunaGerman Laguna
German Laguna was born and raised in Los Angeles, CA. He grew up in the Koreatown neighborhood of Los Angeles where he was exposed to different cultures. German grew up wanting to be a social worker to help vulnerable individuals. As he got older, he realized the best way to help people is by advocating for their rights. He began his career in the legal field by working in an eviction law firm where he made sure that property owners were following the law. During his four years of service at the eviction firm, he learned the importance of having patience with clients who are facing a stressful situation. He also learned the importance of communicating with the clients and guiding them through the legal process.
Throughout his life, German has seen individuals in his community being taken advantage of because of their lack of legal status and knowledge of their rights. German feel that the injustice in the immigrant community has increased since the last presidential election. These experiences influenced him to leave his job of four years to pursue a career in immigration law.
German is in the process of finishing up his Paralegal Studies degree at Los Angeles City College, and he looks forward to going to law school in the near future. In the meantime, German is now proud to be part of a passionate firm dedicated to helping the immigrant community.


Aida AguileraAida Aguilera
Aida was born and raised in East Los Angeles. Growing up in East Los Angeles she was able to personally witness the limitations that come from a diverse low-income community. Aida knew her educational end goal was to be in a position to assist her community; therefore, she pursued a Juris Doctorate and started her career in the legal field.

Aida has experience in Employment, and Family Law, but it was Immigration Law that captured her interest. Aida was able to assist her immigrant parents from Mexico through their path to legal status and now she wants to be able to do the same for others.There is a daily struggle for individuals to get legal status as laws have been made more complicated, but this ratifies her goal of being an advocate for the immigrant community.


Daniela MozoDaniela Mozo
Daniela was raised by immigrant parents from El Salvador and Mexico in Los Angeles, California. Growing up she witnessed how hard working her immigrant parents and extended family members were as they tried to succeed in the United States. As she got older, she realized the many inequalities that people of color faced in this country. She always knew that she wanted to help make a difference in people’s lives, but at the time she did not know what form that would take.

Daniela believed that her passion for helping others would lead her to a career in education, but once she graduated from UC Irvine her passion led her in a different route. In 2016, Daniela began working at an immigration law firm and she quickly realized that if she wanted to help others in her community, she could do so by providing support to immigrants throughout their legal process. Her passion for providing support for immigrants has only increased throughout the years. Daniela hopes to keep helping the immigrant community and she looks forward to continuing her education to do so.


Support Staff

Melly Navarro Receptionist at The Aguirre Law FirmMelly Navarro
Melly from an early age found a passion for assisting immigrant through various legal procedures. She has worked for over 25 years as a legal assistant, and interpreter at Immigration Interviews in Amnesty, NACARA, and other residency applications. Through her unwavering selfless dedication to immigrants she had encouraged many to seek and attain legal status in the U.S. Her optimism, good humor, and keen eye for details inspires everyone around her. Her experience and talents are invaluable and our Firm is honored to have her on our team. Melly is also like family to the Aguirre Family as we have shared an over 20 year friendship.


Eliana Roca Case Assistant at The Aguirre Law FirmEliana Roca
Eliana was born in Santa Cruz De la Sierra, Bolivia. She immigrated to the US at the age of 21. That is when she discovered her passion of helping immigrants through their struggles of immigration difficulties and challenges. Eliana worked as a legal assistant for 2 years before joining The Aguirre Law Firm in 2013. As a case assistant with The Aguirre Law Firm, Eliana has assisted in the opening of the Aguirre Law Firm’s Van Nuys Office. She’s well known for treating all her clients with the utmost respect. Eliana listens to every individual case thoroughly to assist in their legal requirements and procedures. She uses her compassion, knowledge, and experience to help immigrant families surpass their struggles in the US through legal ramifications. She now helps The Aguirre Law Firm with Sales and receptionist work.


Stephanie Olmedo Receptionist at The Aguirre Law FirmStephanie Olmedo
Born and raised in Los Angeles. Born from immigrant parents from Mexico and El Salvador. Stephanie has seen the struggles of family members and their legal status. Throughout her life, she has seen first hand family members and friends struggle to gain legal status, enduring notarios and other predatory type attorneys. Her passion for helping others led her to apply for a job at The Aguirre Law Firm and now looks forward to learning all about immigration and growing within the firm to help people others fulfill their American Dream.


Maria Ines Gomez De Garcia Receptionist at The Aguirre Law FirmMaria Ines Gomez De Garcia
Ines Garcia was born in Guadalajara, Mexico and raised in California. She has had to be a resource navigator to her family and community from a young age. She is a fierce advocate for social justice because she does not want others to feel isolated or ashamed when an injustice has occurred. As a mother of three she has also instilled these values in her family and enjoys volunteering at their local community space, the Eastside Cafe, in their spare time. Ines has become an essential part of our office as her hospitality and warm smile awaits anyone who enters our Los Angeles office. She is a giver and a hard worker with immense consideration for all those she helps.

Astrid Serrano at The Aguirre Law FirmAstrid Serrano
Astrid was born and raised in the San Fernando Valley by her two Mexican immigrant parents. Astrid has always been passionate about advocacy and first joined the ALF team in the summer of 2018. Her determination landed her an internship for the next two summers as she finished her bachelor’s degree in Washington state. After graduating from Saint Martin University, with a degree in Business Administration with a concentration in Economics, she officially joined the team as the firm’s administrative assistance. Her passion for serving the immigrant community has only flourished since joining the team. As a daughter of immigrant parents, Astrid hopes to help navigate the barriers that many face in this country as they work to pursue their own American Dream.