All-Out Campaign To Sell The Right On Immigration

The Senate “Gang of 8” has done its job in producing a bipartisan immigration bill. Now they just have to convince Republicans to vote for it. To that end, pro-reform lawmakers and interest groups are launching a massive, co-ordinated effort to address every possible conservative concern about the bill.

What is being done…

Marco Rubio To Hold Their Hand
After reform skeptics in the Senate complained the process was moving too fast, for example, Marco Rubio fought to make sure there were multiple hearings on the bill. He’s spent much of the week appearing on conservative talk radio shows, many of which are hosted by skeptics — even leading opponents — of reform. And his office launched a website devoted entirely to knocking down “myths” about immigration reform, including a false claim this week on conservative blogs that the bill would give free “amnesty phones” to undocumented immigrants.

Give ‘Em The Old Time Religion
Major evangelical leaders, among other religious groups, are pushing hard for an immigration bill in social conservative circles, making an explicitly Biblical argument that scripture requires Christians to love and respect the “stranger” from foreign lands. U.S. immigration law so it reflects faith-based principles of compassion for the alien, the primacy of the family, respect for the rule of law, and protecting U.S. security and sovereignty.”

Lay Down The Law
Republicans are emphasizing the bill’s border security provisions whenever possible in selling it on the right, noting that undocumented immigrants will not be able to apply for a green card until a host of new enforcement measures go into effect.

Win The Economic Argument
Americans For Tax Reform president Grover Norquist was behind the podium at the “Gang of 8’s” press conference Thursday and he, along with big business groups like the Chamber of Commerce, are working overtime to sell fiscal conservatives on immigration reform.

“This bill will increase the size of our American workforce, as well as its productivity,” Norquist said in a statement praising the bill. “Much needed highly skilled talent will start businesses and create jobs in the United States, rather than receiving an American degree and returning home to compete with us. And temporary and seasonal workers will fill jobs that remain vacant, strengthening and enlarging the American workforce.”