Be Careful – Checkpoint Throughout LA this Memorial Weekend

Law enforcement agencies around the Southland are setting up surprise checkpoints for the holiday weekend checking for drunk drivers but they also pick up those driving without a license.

Protesters spread out across East Los Angeles on Friday night, to speak out against a series of DUI checkpoints set up in the area for the Memorial Day weekend.  Protestors accused the officers of trying to make things more difficult for undocumented immigrants, not drunk drivers. “We feel that the police target immigrant, Latino, Mexican communities unfairly,” protester Carlos Montes told KTLA5. “These police checkpoints catch mostly people who do not have driver’s licenses and they impound their cars,” Montes added.

In an effort to protest the police activity, a small group set up their own check point at the corner of Corner of Whittier and Atlantic Boulevards, warning drivers of what was ahead.

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If you or a family member gets stopped contact a bails bond company immediate to bond them out within hours in an effort to avoid being transferred to Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE).  If you need help contact us at (213) 280-4361.

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