Immigration Finally in the Mainstream

The Dream Act movement, and the young undocumented immigrants pushing Congress to pass the immigration reform legislation, have entered the political mainstream.

In 2010, Gaby Pacheco was a frustrated college student planning a 1,055-mile protest walk from Florida to Washington, D.C.

The leaders and policy directors of most of the country’s largest Latino Civil Rights organizations — the National Council of La Raza (NCLR), The League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC) and others — told Pacheco that the plan she had made with three other college students to march from South Florida, though the old South and to the capital, was an unreasonably dangerous “suicide mission” — unlikely to move hearts and minds, or change public policy.

This week, Pacheco has been a featured panel speaker at no less than four different events staged at the Democratic National Convention, and she is one of several young undocumented students who have been lauded by Latino political operatives, consultants, long-time activists, community organizers, delegates and other party faithful gathered in Charlotte. One young undocumented woman, Benita Veliz, even gave a speech on the DNC’s main stage Wednesday night. ¬†All thanks to a few who decided to take a stand and take action.

May they continue to inspire us all. ¬†Check out the story and other inspirational young undocumented leader’s stories who have decided to take a stand.