A consultation is necessary to study a prospective client’s legal situation and to analyze the facts of the case. Our consultations are conducted by our attorney, Silvia Aguirre. We take whatever time is necessary to fully understand the situation in order to determine what immigration relief that may be available to you. We make sure to explain the applicable laws and how they apply to your specific case. During your consultation we will provide detailed information on the overall legalization process and discuss your individual case’s issues, risks, and benefits. We will answer all your questions and make sure you understand the potential risks involved. If you retain our legal services we will credit your consultation fee towards the overall legal service contract. To better serve you – it is best you give us a call and we will provide you a link to a consultation form, which you can fill out with a mobile device or your computer, at your convenience, where ever you are. 

For your convenience, we offer phone consultations and Video conference consultation. We visit detained individuals and accept collect calls from detention facilities.

Our consultation fees generally start at $100. We guarantee an honest assessment and advice in relation to your case.**

*Consultation fees must be paid in advance.
**We offer free consultations for minors under 18, detained individuals with minor criminal history, and for existing clients.

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Legal Disclaimer: No attorney-client relationship shall exist between a prospective client and this office by virtue of this consultation, unless and/or until client formally retains our services pursuant to a written contract/retainer agreement signed by us and client. An agreement to pay any applicable attorney fees and costs for such services must exist prior to entering into an attorney-client relationship. A consultation alone does not create such a attorney-client relationship and The Aguirre Law Firm will not be obligated to perform any legal services beyond the consultation. Pre-paid consultation fees are non-refundable unless cancellation is due to attorney unavailability at the scheduled consultation time.